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UPDATE August 17th

Judge Noreika has ruled on the U.S. Motion

for Hunter's Tax Evasion and Gun Charges.

"the United States' motion to vacate the Court's

briefing order of July 26, 2023 as moot is GRANTED"

Now it goes back to Special Counsel Weiss.

The Hunter Biden Plea Deal went sour and fell apart on July 26

Judge Noreika is also presiding over John Paul Mac Isaac defamation re Hunter's laptop case

Hunter Biden appears before Judge Noreika in Wilmington Delaware for a Criminal Charge for unlawful possession of a firearm today July 26 2023 with a Plea Deal from the DOJ reducing it to a misdemeaner which normally is a FELONY for an applicant lying on his gun purchase application and underreported taxes.

Wonder what the Court's decision will be?

What about his failure to pay taxes for many many years?

Where is equal justice for all under the Constitution?

The Biden family should not be given preferential treatment!


3 SUV vehicles crashed at the intersection of Camino del Sur, north of Highway 56 today.

Several occupants suffered minor injuries and were treated by Fire & Rescue from the Rancho Penasquitos station. The crash occurred at 7 pm in the Torrey Highland neighborhood.
Initial reports say that one of the SUVs ran a red light causing the accident with two other vehicles.

San Diego Police were on site and talking to occupants and witnesses to obtain statements.

Southbound lanes of traffic were closed for one hour and vehicles had to detour the accident.
Investigators are continuing their work on the crash details.

Reporting from behind police lines, Kris Kaszuba, News Reporter & Photographer.

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The Issues leading to 2024 Election

With only 18 months to the Election, it is evident that voters have many major issues to consider before voting for candidates for Congress, the Senate and the Presidency.

THE ECONOMY Presidency News

The biggest concern expressed by Americans is the economy and inflation. With all the increases in prices and cost of food, gas, rent, credit card interest and more, many are having to tighten their spending and shop more prudently. There is also major concerns for job security and the fear of an economic recession or worse.

According to recent Gallup Polls the average person rates the economy as the number one issue today and 72 % believe the Economic Outlook will get worse. 42 % of people believe that Job Confidence is poor.

The recent Bank failures of Silicon Valley Bank and First Republic Bank have created an uneasiness for Americans as well as the financial sector as a whole.There were several runs on the banks by customers seeking to withdraw and protect their savings.

FOREIGN POLICY & WAR   Presidency News   Presidency News   Presidency News

"War what is it good for? Absolutely nothing!" was a song released in 1970 by Edwin Starr. Today many people around the world are concerned that the war in Ukraine may escalate to a nuclear level or may expand to other European countries. As well, Americans question the stability or lack of it of Vladimir Putin. The war may drag on for years with countless deaths and atrocities and a burden upon America.

In Asia, Chinese President Xi has repeatedly stated his goal is to have democratic Taiwan under the control of Communist China. An attack on Taiwan would present a major challenge to the USA since America is already funding the Ukraine with $170 Billion in military supplies.

Gallup shows that Americans' most recent favorable rating of China is the worst Gallup has measured, at only 15%, while 77% view Taiwan positively. Americans need to know where the candidates for the 2024 election stand on the issue of China versus Taiwan and what is their Foreign Policy worldwide.

CRIME and SAFETY Presidency News

Americans say there is more crime in their local area than there was a year ago. The 56% of U.S. adults who report an increase in crime where they live marks a five percentage point increase since last year and is the highest by two points in Gallup's polls dating back to 1972.

Public perceptions of an increase in crime at the national level have also edged up since last year. 78% say there is now more crime in the U.S. This is tied with the 2020 results. The record high was 89% in 1992, when crime rates soared in the U.S.

The majority of crime increases can be attributed and found in major urban cities such as New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Detroit and Portland. The defund the police movement has impacted staffing of police in these cities leading to early retirements of officers. This has lead to substandard levels of police resources.

Presidency News


Americans are showing an increased concern about Immigration to the U.S. With 28% of Americans being satisfied with immigration the majority of 63% are very dissatisfied. Most of the dissatisfied group (64%, equivalent to 40% of U.S. adults) say they want immigration decreased. Far fewer, 8% of Americans, are dissatisfied because they want it increased, while the remaining 15% are dissatisfied but want the level to remain the same or are unsure.

Presidency News

A NPR poll finds that more than half of Americans see an 'invasion' at the southern border. The border situation has allowed the Mexican cartels to shake down migrants for payments, an increase in drug smuggling especially fentanyl. It is estimated that there have been 100,000 overdose deaths in the U.S. due to fentynel. The cartels have reportedly committed sex crimes against young female migrants which is incomprehensible.

The border is a major concern to Americans since Title 42 is expected to expire today and will further add to and exasperate the border and immigration problems.

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Elon Musk's eligibility for President recommends Elon Musk @elonmusk for President !

Is Elon a natural born US citizen under " Jus Sanguinis "

His Grandfather was born in Minnesota and his mother is a US citizen

Look at Elon's accomplishments, Tesla, SpaceX, Twitter and many more innovative and successful businesses.

Hands down Elon is a person of success, intelligence and superior rational thinking !


Musk is the smartest person to lead the USA !

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